Winter in San Genesio

Snowshoeing in San Genesio

There is no better way to experience the natural beauty of this area in the winter than snowshoeing. Crystal clear days with the snow crunching under your feet are the most wonderful memories of snowshoeing along the well-marked trails of San Genesio.

Horse riding & Carriage tours during Winter

Wherever you look here in San Genesio, there is something that won't escape your notice: Jenesien is the cradle of the 'haflinger'. In San Genesio riding is still allowed. On the Salten upland you can have a wonderful time riding throught the many roads in the green with your friends. At the Salten you can get also a coach on demand. Enjoy a horse-drawn carriage tour through the larch woods on the Salten Plateau. The spectacular scenery of the Monzoccolo and Salten are worth experiencing while here!

Horse riding in San Genesio

Christmas market Bolzano

A town pervaded by the magic of Christmas. The Christmas Market: each year it features new attractions and surprises, tough one element is constant - the magical aura of Christmas which enveleops the medieval centre.